Corners of Kelli’s Home

It’s always a great time when we are invited over to the Reichard home  to visit.  The boys were sitting around chatting and the girls decided to check out Kelli’s dolls.  She has four boys and those of you that have boys understand the need for some girl stuff.  Kelli has collected Strawberry Shortcake for many years and whenever we see Strawberry Shortcake, we think of Kelli!  I asked her if I could take some pictures of her sweet dolls!   Here are some pictures of her Strawberry Shortcake collection.  It’s as sweet as she is.  (No, we were not playing with them.  Okay, maybe a little).

Then I spied Rainbow Brite dolls and I asked if I could take some pictures of them.  (No, we were not playing with them.  Okay, maybe a little).

Then we found Madame Alexander dolls and I asked if I could take some pictures of them.  (No, we were not playing with them.  Okay, maybe a little).

This is a beautiful doll Kelli handcrafted from clay.  She is an amazing artist!

Here are some other lovely pictures of her bedroom.  She is a vintage girl too!  In fact, she owned an antique shop in Ohio before she married her husband, Brian.   We have lots of fun antique shopping because we like so many of the same things!   She has taught me a lot about antiques over the years!

She painted scenes of a German village around her bathtub.     She had done missionary work in Germany and she painted a lovely scene.  Also, notice the chandelier above the tub.  I think all girls should have one above their tub!!

She has these cool purses on her wall.  The middle one was the purse she used for her wedding.  Is that not the sweetest?  I had to show you a picture of her on her wedding day.

I love the beach theme  in her bathroom!  Notice the mirror around the sink.  She made the edge of the mirror from broken pottery and teacups.

Most people look through stacks of magazines and books to get inspired.   I just walk through Kelli’s house and I immediately get all kinds of ideas!!

Thank you for the blessing of your friendship, dear friend, and for sharing your lovely home with us throughout the years.  You are always treasured and always admired for your Godly grace and wisdom and I am so deeply thankful for you.   Thanks for letting me photograph a little corner of your world and thank you for gifting me with so many lovely treasures over the years!

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4 Responses

  1. Kelli R. says:

    Wow, look at that, Now I feel famous! At least my dolls got to come out of hiding for the night! Thanks for all your kind words!

    • Dawnie says:

      You are famous in my book! We had so much fun photographing your dollies! Can’t wait to show other corners of your home in the future. Thanks for sharing your home!

  2. holly c. says:

    Kelli’s home is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. (I’m glad I’ve gotten to see it in person.) I had a little Strawberry Shortcake when I was a kid and I really loved her. The best thing was she smelled like strawberries. 🙂

    • Dawnie says:

      You are welcome. I’m glad she let me take some pictures. If she is willing, I would like to do much more. I “steal” so many ideas from other people, you included, Holly! Her Strawberry Shortcake smell great too! She has such a wonderful eye for arranging things.

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