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I found a new way to make fried potatoes from my neighbor and they turned out great. She slices them and puts them in a skillet of water. Let them sit in the cool water until you are ready to cook them. Then, drain the water and add fresh water. Boil the potatoes until they are par-boiled. Drain water well. Add oil to the pan until heated and add the potatoes back into the skillet. Remember, keep using the same skillet. Fry them a few minutes on each side. These turned out great. In the past, I would fry my potatoes raw and it would take forever to cook them and often times they would burn so by par-boiling in the skillet, it really helps to get the cooking process started. They were excellent and I will continue to use this method whenever I make fried potatoes.

Crispy Fried Potatoes

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