Spinning Vinyl

Adrion’s favorite Christmas gift this year was a record player.  It was my favorite one too because he plays it every night and I get to enjoy it.  I love to hear the crackle of records playing.  I was able to find  several records at various Goodwill stores, ranging in price from 39 cents to $1.00.  His favorite record so far has been “Saturday Night with Mr. C”.  Mr. C. is Perry Como and includes  “Accentuate the Positive”, “It Could Happen to You”, “When I Fall in Love”, “Birth of the Blues”, “You Made Me Love You”, and “It Had to Be You” among many great others.  He loves it because of the jazz.  He played the sax for years and loves Rhythm and Blues.

Adrion and I had to laugh because the record jacket says, “Saturday night has always had a special flavor.  To some it means the big night out on the town with the Traditional Saturday date.  To others it’s reserved for curling up in the nearest easy chair with a good book.  But to almost everyone it means getting out of that workday feeling and into a relaxed mood…”  Adrion read this to me as he put down his book and read the album cover.  That’s my baby. Reading a good book and listening to good music.  He’s a vintage boy at heart too.

Oh, Adrion, you didn’t have to “make me love you”.  I love you and will love you for always, my sweet vintage boy!!

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6 Responses

  1. holly c. says:

    How sweet! I think I would enjoy listening Perry too.

  2. PAm Monosmith says:

    what a wonderful idea. Do you realize how powerful to have a young man enjoy something THAT doesn’t have a game on it. You go MOM

    • Dawnie says:

      Well, unfortunately, he still does play games, but he does enjoy his records and reading so I won’t complain too much.

  3. PAm says:

    The games are great but records are COOl

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