Goodwill Finds

I made a trip to Goodwill last week and found some pretty awesome treasures!  I was so excited to find this industrial-looking futon for Adrion’s room.  He is transforming his room this summer into an industrial-looking bedroom.  He is going to paint his walls gray and put down wood flooring. (Yes, he does lay flooring).  So, he was quite happy with this treasure to add to his  bedroom.  I also picked up a vintage lamp for his future restoration.   I found some great books for everyone, including a cookbook for me, a do-it-yourself book for Adam, a Mark Twain book for Adrion and some dog books for Remi.   Score!  I found three sheet sets for $3.00 a piece.  They were all new in the package.  I picked up 2 king and a queen set.  I also found a cookie enamel container for my dog biscuits. I found some cute little Coleman ice packs for lunchboxes.   I was happy to find some sweet Disney pins.  Brings back great memories of my Mom.  I also found a new eggplant-colored purse for Fall.  Adam found some little Dutch shoes to sell on e-bay and an old-fashioned wall pocket.  The price for everything, $48.06.  (I did use my half off card).  I was so pleased with my treasures as was the rest of the family.  Can’t wait to try an Irish Stew from my new cookbook!!  Love Goodwill!!

Great deals at the local Goodwill Store


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  1. holly c. says:

    Wow-look at all that loot!

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