Iced Tea

We love iced tea at our house and my boys surprised me the other day with a beautiful iced tea jar.  They said they bought it at Five Below for $5.  They make their Momma proud.   What an awesome deal!!  I was excited to see how it works and it works beautifully.  I make my iced tea like my Great Grandma used to make hers.  I boil about a gallon of water.  Whenever it comes to a boil, I turn it off and add 10 tea bags (black tea).  Let it steep in the water for 30 minutes.  I always set my timer so I don’t forget. Let it cool to room temperature and then chill and serve.  If you chill it immediately, it will turn cloudy.  This does not affect the flavor but it isn’t very pretty.    If you prefer sweetened tea, after you remove the tea bags, add about a cup of sugar per gallon.  Yummy.  We love lemons with ours!


1 gallon water

10 tea bags

1 cup sugar

lemon to garnish

Perfect Iced Tea

Delicious Iced Tea

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