Holly’s Beautiful Rugs

My friend, Holly, has gifted me with several beautiful rugs.  She has made many, many rugs and continues to make them.  She uses t-shirts and vintage sheets.  You can take a look at all of her treasures at her blog, www.hotteaandmilkchocolate.blogspot.com.   I have been friends with Holly since first grade.  She has blessed my life abundantly and has taught me many things, like how to sew.  I am always asking her for help with things and she is ALWAYS willing to lend a hand.  She has a knack for outdoor nature photography and her bird pictures are one of my gifts I have included in my blessings journal.   She has the most beautiful home; she is a vintage girl like me and we enjoy many of the same things.    Her home has been featured online and she is one of the sweetest people I know.   She is a forever treasured friend of mine.  It is typical of Holly to make beautiful rugs for her friends.  She has never allowed me to pay for a single rug!    She does it out of her sweet nature and Godly servant heart.  I am forever blessed with her handiwork throughout my home.  Take a look at the beautiful rugs she has gifted me.  I told her my little dog, Lucy, has taken over the rugs and I have pictured Lucy in some pictures.  She said dogs love her rugs.  It’s adorable.  Thank you, Holly, for my beautiful rugs!  I am grateful for you and your sweet spirit and servant heart!!  You will never know how much you have touched my life!


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6 Responses

  1. holly c. says:

    Awwww-you say such nice things about me! I can say the exact same things about you! I am honored to have rugs I have made in your beautiful home. Love you!

  2. holly c. says:

    PS-Lucy is a cutie pie!

    • Dawnie says:

      She is a cutie pie and a spoiled dog. Notice the steps Adam built for her by the rug in the bedroom. Can you say “Queen Lucy”?

  3. Kelli R. says:

    I Love Holly’s rugs and her blog! I just spent hours on it looking at her beautiful photography! What a gift!!!

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