Handcrafted Distressed Headboard

My husband, Adam, made this beautiful handcrafted distressed headboard.  He knows I don’t like new things as well as vintage so he made a new headboard look really old.  The 1″  rough-cut  boards are from our sawmill.  None of the boards are planed but they are lightly sanded.  The dimensions of the headboard were made to match a full- sized mattress.  He stained the wood an oil-based dark gray/brown to imitate a weathered look.  He then took white latex paint and quickly brushed it onto the boards.  Before it dried, he took a drywall putty knife and scraped off the surface paint to only allow paint in the grooves.  Then he took a dry brush and touched up some of the spots to add more paint over top.  It gives it an aged, whitewashed look.  He took sandpaper across some of the corners to distress it further.  A lot of that is up to your own liking and how distressed you like things.  You can only do small portions at a time because the paint dries quickly.  He added two reading lights/wall sconces from a  hardware store and painted them white to match the headboard and then added bling-bling pull chains.  (Thank you for the bling-bling)!  He also added felt pads to the back of the headboard to prevent any damage to the wall.    I will feature many other things he has made for me down the road.  I am a happy recipient of his handiwork!  This beautiful headboard is in our guest bedroom.


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4 Responses

  1. holly c. says:

    I love this headboard-it’s just beautiful! Perfect for your room. Can I come and live there? Good job, Adam!

  2. Dawnie says:

    Thanks, Holly! You can come and live here anytime for as long as you wish!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Adam does gorgeous work!!! Love it!

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