Learning To Deny Self

I was sitting in the lunchroom a few months ago and we were discussing issues and I said that there are times whenever I just want to throw my Bible across the floor.  My dear friend asked, kindly and calmly,  if it was because I needed to learn to deny self?  She’s a wise one!  As I thought about that response, I came to realize that she was right.   Indeed, I did need to deny self.  Unfortunately, this was a struggle and I needed to learn to abdicate  to the Holy Spirit.  I didn’t want to do what I knew I needed to do as a Christian, what God commanded me to do and that is to deny self.

Self-denial is tough.  Our culture teaches the complete opposite.  It teaches us to rely on no one but ourselves.

But, we cannot live a life in Christ and still be in charge.  We were not meant to rule ourselves.  We can only discover our full potential when we let the Holy Spirit take control.  Let me tell you, this is much easier said than done but I am trying to fully surrender.  I want a victorious life in Christ and I know that I need to let Him be in charge of every aspect in my life and allow the Holy Spirit to accomplish His plans.

Whenever you rely on yourself, you will have a fruitless life.  You cannot live the Christian life on your own strength. The Holy Spirit is a great helper and a mighty power given to us.  We must daily make a conscious effort to rely on the Holy Spirit to accomplish the plans the Lord has laid out for us.  By letting the Spirit guide us everyday, we will discover what God truly wants for us.

Charles Stanley writes, “You see, there’s a battle going on inside every Christian.  The Holy Spirit wants to lead us into obedience to God, but our flesh desires its own way (Gal. 5:17).  Satan tries to convince us that freedom is achieved by doing whatever we want, but in reality, that ends in bondage.  God promises that if we’ll walk by the Spirit-letting Him lead the way-we won’t carry out the desires of the flesh that threaten to enslave us (Gal. 5:16).  The question is, “Who’s going to be in control of your life: you or God?”

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5 Responses

  1. Kelli R. says:

    Preach it sister, I’m right with you!

  2. holly c. says:

    I fight this battle every day!

  3. regina says:

    So hard to deny self. We have to die daily.

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