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Truly Vintage

Vintage things truly speak to my heart.

My husband, Adam, made this beautiful handcrafted distressed headboard.  He knows I don’t like new things as well as vintage so he made a new headboard look really old.  The 1″  rough-cut  boards are from our sawmill.  None of the boards are planed but they are lightly sanded.  The dimensions of the headboard were made to match a full- sized mattress.  He stained the wood an oil-based dark gray/brown to imitate a weathered look.  He then took white latex paint and quickly brushed it onto the boards.  Before it dried, he took a drywall putty knife and scraped off the surface paint to only allow paint in the grooves.  Then he took a dry brush and touched up some of the spots to add more paint over top.  It gives it an aged, whitewashed look.  He took sandpaper across some of the corners to distress it further.  A lot of that is up to your own liking and how distressed you like things.  You can only do small portions at a time because the paint dries quickly.  He added two reading lights/wall sconces from a  hardware store and painted them white to match the headboard and then added bling-bling pull chains.  (Thank you for the bling-bling)!  He also added felt pads to the back of the headboard to prevent any damage to the wall.    I will feature many other things he has made for me down the road.  I am a happy recipient of his handiwork!  This beautiful headboard is in our guest bedroom.


I have been collecting Fenton for years.  I don’t have many pieces and I don’t look for it anymore but if I run into a piece at a yard sale, I will usually pick it up and add it to my collection.

2013-12-30 13.29.33

My first piece of Fenton was this beautiful lamp that my Mom had bought for me many, many Christmases ago.  I have adored it and have often wondered how it has survived unbroken for so many years.  With two busy boys and several things falling on it, it has stayed intact.  Maybe the Lord knew I couldn’t part with it so he put a protective shield around it for me.  But I will be okay if it does one day break as I have enjoyed it for so long and the memories of my Mom don’t lie within things, but within my heart.  Nevertheless, I enjoy this lamp and it makes me smile as I remember the Christmas when my Mom proudly watched me unwrap it.  And then, a love for Fenton was born.

Though I have different patterns and pieces, my ultimate favorite is the blue Lily of the Valley pattern.  I do have some pink Lily of the Valley pieces, but blue is my all time favorite.  This color has become my favorite color!!  My friends will see the color out and about and call it “my color”.  They know I love it too.

I just want to share my pieces with you.  I started with the bell and my collection grew.  My husband has blessed me with several pieces throughout the years.  I have been blessed with some pieces from my Mom’s collection when she passed away.  The blue snowman bell was hers (she was an avid snowman collector) and the perfume decanter as well as a few others.

The angel was given to my Mom by her cousin and friend as a gift as she was battling cancer.

These pieces each have a story and are a treasure to me and they are just one of my many collections I treasure.  They make my heart smile and hope they make yours smile too.

My husband recently bought this adorable little hutch for me for our anniversary.  This is funny but I prayed as we walked into the Salvation Army that we might find a unique treasure that we could afford and low and behold this little cabinet was on sale for $75.  We both fell in love right away and it amazingly fit into my van.  Our funds are limited and I told my husband God knows it and places things in our path and I give Him the praise as He blesses me with so many of these finds.  So I wanted to add the little tidbit about my special hutch God put in our path and a wonderful storage place for my Fenton collection.


“Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.  For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”  …Luke 2:10-11

How can any gift compare to “The Gift” given to us over 2000 years ago in a stable in Bethlehem?   He didn’t come as royalty but as a servant and that is my prayer that I always have a servant’s heart as  I serve my Savior and as I serve those around me. 

Here are some beautiful blessings around my home at Christmas.  It may look like your Grandmother’s house.  I hope it does.  I am a vintage girl by heart and love old things.  I believe Jesus has taken worn-out, washed-up me and has given me a new life and new perspective and a new heart and I want to do the same for things that deserve a second chance so I hope these pictures make you smile.  Merry Christmas!


The task of decorating for Christmas or any holiday seems to be overwhelming for me. I truly love the house filled with all sorts of vintage bulbs and other decorations.  However, getting to that point isn’t quite as fun as the end result. This task starts by getting tote after tote of decorations out of the basement. We search through them looking for the right combination of twinkling lights and decorations.  There are old standbys that make some of this process easy. For instance, my son has a collection of nutcrackers that we generally sit on a shelf in the sun porch. There is a piece of greenery that we always put around the fireplace. The rest of the house and  odds and ends can be a bit problematic.

This year when I was out helping a dear friend set up a benefit sale my husband Adam  and son Remington put up the tree with the lights and a few bulbs. Later that night that same dear friend Kelli came over and finished decorating with me. She has an eye that makes everything fit in its place. I can’t quite explain it but, when you look at what she has done you say to yourself, “Oh that looks so beautiful!”  Between all of us the house looks lovely!  Thank you everyone for helping me!!



Nice use for an old table.

This table could have tossed in the trash heap, but someone chose to give it a new home as a sink.

Everyone goes on and on about buying green and saving the planet.  However, everything they buy is something new. And when you buy something new most of the time you are replacing something you already have. Take a car for instance. There is a push to buy better economy greener cars. You are throwing away an old one in the process. It may be a large undertaking to re-purpose an old car but this is still a good example of how the traditional green movement isn’t very green at all.

My suggestion is buy something old and use it again. Thrift stores are full of very good usable dishes just waiting to go home with you.  Most marketing venues would never promote this as “green” because if you go this route they can’t sell you dishes that 1/2 of 1% of the net profit is used to buy Dawn dish washing soap for greasy ducks.  HaHa! Either way, go real green and go to flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores. Buy stuff that might wind up in the landfill and use it for another year or five years or ten years. Junk is the REAL GREEN.