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Vintage things truly speak to my heart.

Are you singing the song, “Pop goes the weasel?”  The lyrics go, “All around the cobbler’s bench, the monkey chased the weasel…”  Anyway, I’m singing it.  So, here’s the cobbler’s bench story.  I was visiting my neighbors, Sam and Judy, and they showed me this sweet little cobbler’s bench that they picked up at a yard sale.  I oohed and aahed how much I loved it.    A few days later, they brought me the cobbler’s bench or should I say manicure bench?  This makes me want to do my nails!  They spoil me rotten and I love them for it.  Thanks, Sam and Judy!!

This is an old table I bought at a yard sale years ago. The paint on the legs was peeling. The top was very rusty. Adam refinished the top and sanded and painted the legs. Look how sweet the table looks on my porch. Adorable. Don’t we all deserve second chances?

Refinished Old Table

In a just a few short days (Christmas Day), we will celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog. It was this blog that my boys gifted me last year which they called “Dawnies Delights”. It has been a wonderful journey for me. This post makes #194. I tried so hard to reach 200 but it was not to be. Once in a while, I will just sit and scroll through all of my posts and whenever I get to a song like Adrion’s favorite Irish song, “The Parting Glass” or one to lift us out of our valleys like “Worn”, I get teary-eyed. Life is indeed a journey and a journey is much better shared with friends like you. As we celebrate the gift of Jesus this Christmas, I am thankful for those of you that have used these recipes and ideas. It is a blessing to give and to share. I hope you have blessed your family with some of the recipes you have found on my blog. I would like to especially thank my husband, Adam, for having this idea for me and his encouragement throughout the year. Today, December 22nd, is our 24th Wedding Anniversary. (Happy Day)… With a grateful and humble heart, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

My friend, Holly, stopped by today to visit.. What a wonderful surprise! I LOVE when she comes to visit and we can chit chat about everything under the sun. Well, it was enough to make my day just seeing her but she brought me a beautiful rug with all the colors she thought I would love and I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very shabby chic looking, which is my taste. I was delighted to see her and accept this very beautiful and thoughtful gift she brought me! Lucy also LOVES it! Thank you, dear friend! Please stop by more often. You always brighten my days!!!

Rug made from Vintage Sheets

I made a trip to Goodwill last week and found some pretty awesome treasures!  I was so excited to find this industrial-looking futon for Adrion’s room.  He is transforming his room this summer into an industrial-looking bedroom.  He is going to paint his walls gray and put down wood flooring. (Yes, he does lay flooring).  So, he was quite happy with this treasure to add to his  bedroom.  I also picked up a vintage lamp for his future restoration.   I found some great books for everyone, including a cookbook for me, a do-it-yourself book for Adam, a Mark Twain book for Adrion and some dog books for Remi.   Score!  I found three sheet sets for $3.00 a piece.  They were all new in the package.  I picked up 2 king and a queen set.  I also found a cookie enamel container for my dog biscuits. I found some cute little Coleman ice packs for lunchboxes.   I was happy to find some sweet Disney pins.  Brings back great memories of my Mom.  I also found a new eggplant-colored purse for Fall.  Adam found some little Dutch shoes to sell on e-bay and an old-fashioned wall pocket.  The price for everything, $48.06.  (I did use my half off card).  I was so pleased with my treasures as was the rest of the family.  Can’t wait to try an Irish Stew from my new cookbook!!  Love Goodwill!!

Great deals at the local Goodwill Store


There truly is no place like home.  I don’t want to be a materialistic person but I do like my “stuff”.   I think God gives us all things to enjoy and I do enjoy it.  However, no material “stuff” can speak beauty like His handiwork.  Look at the sky, the birds, the flowers and trees.  I don’t understand how anyone can look at nature and ever deny that God exists.  His handiwork is evident.   To God I am thankful for all that I have and even the “stuff” he blesses me with from friends and Goodwill and yard sales to enjoy for a little while.  He has truly created a wonderful world to enjoy!!

My Corner

It’s always a great time when we are invited over to the Reichard home  to visit.  The boys were sitting around chatting and the girls decided to check out Kelli’s dolls.  She has four boys and those of you that have boys understand the need for some girl stuff.  Kelli has collected Strawberry Shortcake for many years and whenever we see Strawberry Shortcake, we think of Kelli!  I asked her if I could take some pictures of her sweet dolls!   Here are some pictures of her Strawberry Shortcake collection.  It’s as sweet as she is.  (No, we were not playing with them.  Okay, maybe a little).

Then I spied Rainbow Brite dolls and I asked if I could take some pictures of them.  (No, we were not playing with them.  Okay, maybe a little).

Then we found Madame Alexander dolls and I asked if I could take some pictures of them.  (No, we were not playing with them.  Okay, maybe a little).

This is a beautiful doll Kelli handcrafted from clay.  She is an amazing artist!

Here are some other lovely pictures of her bedroom.  She is a vintage girl too!  In fact, she owned an antique shop in Ohio before she married her husband, Brian.   We have lots of fun antique shopping because we like so many of the same things!   She has taught me a lot about antiques over the years!

She painted scenes of a German village around her bathtub.     She had done missionary work in Germany and she painted a lovely scene.  Also, notice the chandelier above the tub.  I think all girls should have one above their tub!!

She has these cool purses on her wall.  The middle one was the purse she used for her wedding.  Is that not the sweetest?  I had to show you a picture of her on her wedding day.

I love the beach theme  in her bathroom!  Notice the mirror around the sink.  She made the edge of the mirror from broken pottery and teacups.

Most people look through stacks of magazines and books to get inspired.   I just walk through Kelli’s house and I immediately get all kinds of ideas!!

Thank you for the blessing of your friendship, dear friend, and for sharing your lovely home with us throughout the years.  You are always treasured and always admired for your Godly grace and wisdom and I am so deeply thankful for you.   Thanks for letting me photograph a little corner of your world and thank you for gifting me with so many lovely treasures over the years!

Adrion’s favorite Christmas gift this year was a record player.  It was my favorite one too because he plays it every night and I get to enjoy it.  I love to hear the crackle of records playing.  I was able to find  several records at various Goodwill stores, ranging in price from 39 cents to $1.00.  His favorite record so far has been “Saturday Night with Mr. C”.  Mr. C. is Perry Como and includes  “Accentuate the Positive”, “It Could Happen to You”, “When I Fall in Love”, “Birth of the Blues”, “You Made Me Love You”, and “It Had to Be You” among many great others.  He loves it because of the jazz.  He played the sax for years and loves Rhythm and Blues.

Adrion and I had to laugh because the record jacket says, “Saturday night has always had a special flavor.  To some it means the big night out on the town with the Traditional Saturday date.  To others it’s reserved for curling up in the nearest easy chair with a good book.  But to almost everyone it means getting out of that workday feeling and into a relaxed mood…”  Adrion read this to me as he put down his book and read the album cover.  That’s my baby. Reading a good book and listening to good music.  He’s a vintage boy at heart too.

Oh, Adrion, you didn’t have to “make me love you”.  I love you and will love you for always, my sweet vintage boy!!

My friend, Holly, has gifted me with several beautiful rugs.  She has made many, many rugs and continues to make them.  She uses t-shirts and vintage sheets.  You can take a look at all of her treasures at her blog,   I have been friends with Holly since first grade.  She has blessed my life abundantly and has taught me many things, like how to sew.  I am always asking her for help with things and she is ALWAYS willing to lend a hand.  She has a knack for outdoor nature photography and her bird pictures are one of my gifts I have included in my blessings journal.   She has the most beautiful home; she is a vintage girl like me and we enjoy many of the same things.    Her home has been featured online and she is one of the sweetest people I know.   She is a forever treasured friend of mine.  It is typical of Holly to make beautiful rugs for her friends.  She has never allowed me to pay for a single rug!    She does it out of her sweet nature and Godly servant heart.  I am forever blessed with her handiwork throughout my home.  Take a look at the beautiful rugs she has gifted me.  I told her my little dog, Lucy, has taken over the rugs and I have pictured Lucy in some pictures.  She said dogs love her rugs.  It’s adorable.  Thank you, Holly, for my beautiful rugs!  I am grateful for you and your sweet spirit and servant heart!!  You will never know how much you have touched my life!